Model of teeth made of plaster of the jaw for dental technicians

A dental bridge is a false tooth used to fill a gap. Unlike traditional removable dentures, a dental bridge is permanent as it is glued to the teeth on one or both sides. With proper oral hygiene, a dental bridge can last for many years.


Dental bridge care

Even the best bridge will fail in the long run if you do not follow a proper personal hygiene program. You should pay special attention to the false tooth that forms the bridge, cleaning and brushing regularly. Particular attention should also be paid to the supporting teeth on both sides of the bridge, as without them, the bridge will fail.

There are a number of custom tools that will help you access the areas around a bridge and your dentist will advise you on them.

Alternatives to a dental bridge

The only alternatives to a dental bridge are dentures or implants. Single dentures can be uncomfortable and awkward when only one or two teeth are involved and are generally not recommended for this purpose.