Dentists are discussing dental problems at report x-ray image on laptop screen to patients.

Computer-guided implantology is the procedure by which, after studying the x-ray and using appropriate software, a treatment plan for the implant placement is prepared. A surgical splint is then made which precisely determines the position in which the implant is to be placed.

How is the placement of the implant planned with the help of the computer?

The patient undergoes a special x-ray and the data is entered into specialized software. This program has the ability with this data to represent in three dimensions the bone of the upper and lower jaw.

The software contains most categories of implants with the help of which the intervener places the implant in the three-dimensional representation of the jaw bone, determining the desired inclination and depth of placement.

In this way the implant placement locations are precisely determined.

How is the placement of the implant guided with the help of special software?

Once the treatment plan and implant placement have been determined, the data is sent over the Internet by the software to specialized associates who undertake the design and construction of a surgical splint that will show the exact placement.

In these splints, the data of the axial and the locations where the implants are designed to be placed and which are used by the surgeon during their placement session have been transferred with high accuracy.